Sectional Doors

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Front elevation of a modern Australian home in suburban area. Perth, Western Australia. Photographed 7th December, 2017.
Front elevation / facade of a new modern Australian style home.
Mackay, Queensland, Australia - April 2020: A suburban home in a residential subdivision where people are advised to stay indoors isolated against the corona virus
typical facade of a modern suburban house

Our Sectional Door Range – Stylish and practical, built for quiet operation and safety.

Sectional doors, sometimes also called panel lift doors, are made up of separate panels that lift up and over the opening and end up parallel to your garage ceiling. The sections can vary from around 3 to 8 different panels that are held together with hinges, this allows the door to bend around as it moves up into the opening. The panel system moves up along tracks that are fixed to the ceiling and this allows it to move up and over, out of the way of the opening. We supply a range of high-quality sectional doors and accessories.

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