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Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home, they have the potential to cause serious injury and bodily harm both during the installation and operation of the door. If your door is not installed correcty it can become a hazard to your family members, pets, or property. 

Rollers Doors operate under spring tension and have the potential to unravel, this can cause injury to yourself and damage to your door, your opener and potentiallly other objects within the vicinity of the door.

Sectional Doors have many moving parts and if they are not fixed correctly there is a potential for the door to fall, as they are opening above yourself and objects in your garage such as your car, the potential for personal injusry and damage to vaulable property is a possible outcome.

Professional installation also ensures your warranties will not be void by ineffective or incorrect installation. 

Your opener is sensing resistance, there could be a physical object in the way of your door or gate, or your opener may need an adjustment to the settings. Call us on 1300 561 861 to book in a service.

Your door may require a service and adjustment or balancing. We recommend that you get one of our experience technicians to assist you with this, as your door is under very high spring tension and it has the potential to cause harm and damage if you are not experienced.

All door openers should come with a manual release to disengage your opener so that you can operate your door manually.

To operate the door manually follow these steps:

– Pull the manual release (usually a handle attached to your opener) to disengage the unit.

– Operate the door manually until power is restored.

– To return the door to automatic operation, reingage the manual release lever. 

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